Until recently, nobody knew the real potential of their fingers in regards to mathematics. Our fingers are not limited to only helping us learn counting numbers. Instead, they can help us calculate simple arithmetic calculations like addition and subtraction. Kids who do not know the golden rule of finger calculation develop mathematical anxiety. 

For instance, if we ask anybody how many numbers they can count using their fingers, the answer will commonly be 10, or very few will say up to 30 using their finger joints. However, with the help of finger calculation, one can count from 0 to 99 on their hands.  

Learn Finger Calculations with Us

Relying on fingers is an effective strategy to help children learn early math. Many children use their fingers to represent numbers before saying the corresponding number word. Families can do fun and easy finger counting activities to help children deepen their understanding of early math concepts.

Counting can also perform simple mathematics operations using their fingertips within a fraction of time, which will speed up the task and increase their efficiency and performance by developing different brain skills like their listening skills, focusing, concentration, retaining, and recalling.

So, even a kindergartener can learn to count, add, and subtract two digits numbers on their hands within seconds. Moreover, learning basic mathematics at an early age can tremendously help students grasp more complex concepts in higher grades.